Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend perfect!

Wow, its been such a wonderful weekend I don't quite know where to start.

We've still got very little happening on the work front, with the start of tourist season warming up at the moment, so we're enjoying the first rays of springtime around the house.

Yesterday Beppe got to making his first batch of homemade cheese, making two different forms of soft cheese. They were a great success and he's already planning mass production. 

Cheeses hanging to dry

Debate around the house has been focused in recent days on the pros and cons of buying a piglet, and it seems the pros have won, twice over, as we are now in the process of aquiring two. This is going to involve constructing a stall and fenced area for them, and finding local fruit and veggie shops that will give us their left overs each day. Its a big commitment, but then when processed, we'll have meat to last a year.
This morning I went with Sandra to Imprunetta, where they were holding a festival of chocolate and regional products from around Italy. Free Chocolate Tasting. Three great words!

When we came back, the boys had taken the geese for a walk to a nearby lake, where they enjoyed themselves no end, before waddling back home all by themselves.

They're starting to look cute again but at least one has a death warrant, as we found out that we have two males and one female, instead of two females. Next week I'll be posting: 1 roast goose, 1 down pillow. 

Goose walking through the woods.
I'll see if I can get Beppe to write down his instructions for cheese making. It's perhaps more palatable than shapening the knives for a goose dinner.

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