Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday flowers

no use pretending, I have totally fallen off this wagon. Somewhere in February I said I would post 3 times a week (!) and that I would do what I said I would do (rubbish!)

Truth is, I've started working with the lovely Sophie at the 500 Touring Club,, running our own wine excursions into the Chianti Classico area, and keeping on top of 3 beehives, among other things, and it seems in February i lost sight of how hectic May can be. I would probably had skipped this week altogether if not for Giulia asking where the flowers were. Thanks Giulia. It's nice to be missed.

Enough excuses, I do have flowers for you, these are a wild hyacinth growing down amoungst the olives, paired here with some wild fennel fronds.

With everything going on, I have found time to put together some elderflower champagne, so, other work permittting, and depending on how the champagne (using the term very loosely) turns out, next week I'll do flowers and recipe. (And there I go overcommitting again)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Flowers

I confess that I have completely fallen off the wagon with the whole blogging thing.
Internet problems, stolen computers, too much real work, all very good excuses.

Today i've a couple of pictures that I snapped down the back field, where the poppies have taken over with all their glorious colour.

Aren't they pretty? There have been many exciting and blogworthy things going on lately- wine excursions! Vintage car driving! New bee queens! Hives full of honey! Elderflower champagne! There's also been some relaxing in the spring sunshine and thats not too bad either.

I'll find my blog mojo around here soon and share more of these things with you. Maybe. if you leave me a message.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Flowers- Roses for my Mum.

After last week's debacle I'm pleased to be posting Friday Flowers on a Friday and not a Tuesday. And I'll totally let myself off the hook for not posting anything except friday flowers for a while. It's a busy time here!

Sunday is Mother's day in Australia, not here in Italy though, and so today's flowers are dedicated to my Mum.

Sandra bought this rose last year and it's taken off, somewhere between a climbing rose and a carpet rose it seems. I never was much of a rose person, but that's changed. I love their colours, particularly yellow roses, and their perfume.

Did you know bees don't care less about roses, actually, when it comes to red roses like this one they can't even physically see them! There you go, you've learnt something new. And you thought you were just wasting time on the internet.

My Mum has a lovely rose garden, when they're not being eaten by the kangaroos. I have the idea that their are almost constantly in bloom there, which can't be true, but she's always had great roses.

There you are- today's flower is roses. Love you Mum.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Flowers (Whoops!)

I really let things get away from me this week. You know how it happens, you let one day slide, and then missing a second day doesn't change much, and who really reads it anyway....

I started blogging not just for people to read it (if you do, leave me a message!) but also to document my own passing of the time, the seasons and the changes that happen around my house.

Such a big week in the world too! Who really cares if the Acacia is in bloom? My bees do, thats for sure.
Acacia is about the biggest event on their annual calendar, and these super sweet flowers are everywhere and overpowering the air with their drowsy perfume.

The species is invasive, originating from America, and can be found along waterways throughout Italy. It yields a really high volume of nectar. You know why? Because it evolved without bees.

Species that evolved along with bees only had to give the bees a small amount of nectar to lure them to provide the service of pollination. Acacia, like Australian gum trees, had to provide more nectare to lure ants and other insects to visit, who were less efficient pollinators. Isn't nature grand?