Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Flowers- Roses for my Mum.

After last week's debacle I'm pleased to be posting Friday Flowers on a Friday and not a Tuesday. And I'll totally let myself off the hook for not posting anything except friday flowers for a while. It's a busy time here!

Sunday is Mother's day in Australia, not here in Italy though, and so today's flowers are dedicated to my Mum.

Sandra bought this rose last year and it's taken off, somewhere between a climbing rose and a carpet rose it seems. I never was much of a rose person, but that's changed. I love their colours, particularly yellow roses, and their perfume.

Did you know bees don't care less about roses, actually, when it comes to red roses like this one they can't even physically see them! There you go, you've learnt something new. And you thought you were just wasting time on the internet.

My Mum has a lovely rose garden, when they're not being eaten by the kangaroos. I have the idea that their are almost constantly in bloom there, which can't be true, but she's always had great roses.

There you are- today's flower is roses. Love you Mum.

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