Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Flowers (Whoops!)

I really let things get away from me this week. You know how it happens, you let one day slide, and then missing a second day doesn't change much, and who really reads it anyway....

I started blogging not just for people to read it (if you do, leave me a message!) but also to document my own passing of the time, the seasons and the changes that happen around my house.

Such a big week in the world too! Who really cares if the Acacia is in bloom? My bees do, thats for sure.
Acacia is about the biggest event on their annual calendar, and these super sweet flowers are everywhere and overpowering the air with their drowsy perfume.

The species is invasive, originating from America, and can be found along waterways throughout Italy. It yields a really high volume of nectar. You know why? Because it evolved without bees.

Species that evolved along with bees only had to give the bees a small amount of nectar to lure them to provide the service of pollination. Acacia, like Australian gum trees, had to provide more nectare to lure ants and other insects to visit, who were less efficient pollinators. Isn't nature grand?

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