Monday, March 14, 2011


Thats right, we're going to have another addition to our household, and its not my longed for cat or dog. Still, they'll have to substitute for a year, right up until they become sausage. We're getting piggies!
They're the cutest little things, born just two days ago. They'll be fun and friendly and smart and playful and gorgeous and delicious.

Just in case you think I'm heartless talking about the finished product already, its part of a psychological campaign I'm waging against myself to prepare for the day when piggie turns to pork. It's very hard to kill and eat something living. Its even harder when that something knows who you are.

So I figure if I keep it present, the knowledge that this pet will one day be on my fork, it'll help me deal with it when the time comes. Yeah lets see how that goes. 
Heres the babies with their momma, she and two of the piglets are the cinta sienese breed, highly prized in this area for their delicious prosciutto and salamis. The pictures a bit blurry because I didn't want to stress the sow with the flash.

and some of their big brothers, born 5 months ago.
So how long till i swear vegetarianism (again) and vow to defend these guys and their right to live? Probably until someone starts frying bacon.

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  1. We kept pigs for the same reason when I was growing up. I think raising the meat you eat and knowing the animal lived and died with dignity is valuable, and besides its honest. My FIL has an organic orange orchard with ducks running under the trees. I helped him once with butchering the ducks, he killed them so reverently it was almost beautiful. I helped with the butchering that time, but it put me off eating duck, I don't eat much meat anyway...