Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Flowers and sunsets!

I'm sick in bed today, but Beppe looks after me so well he even brought me flowers, so that I dont need to miss a Friday. I've been so good at keeping regular with my blogging. Yay me.

Today's flowers are a real delicacy, as their beautiful scent was entirely new to me when I came to Italy. They're violets, and while my Mum had violets in Australia, they were white/ pink ones that had no purfume. These are a beautiful deep purple, and the scent is exactly like some confected violet purfume.

When I was a kid I covered mums white violets with egg white and castor sugar, but until I tasted a real violet I didn't quite get the point of candy flowers. They taste just like they smell! And when they're not in season,
I can always indulge in Leone candies, for Spring lovers, naturally:
Aren't they beautiful? I took the picture of the violets bathed in the light from the equally beautiful sunset.

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