Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Flowers!

It seems lately the sun is always coming out on Fridays. Which suits me fine as thats the day I pick flowers (amoung other things).

I don't want to try to say anything too poignant, just that Japan has been in my thoughts all week with the horrible situation they have faced/ are facing/ will face in weeks and months and years to come.

The media here has been very alarmist (surprise) talking of apocalypse and worldwide destruction. I was heartened to find at least one article debunking a lot of the alarmist talk, at of all places.

Anyway, today's flowers I photographed with Japan in mind, as the cherry and almond blossom is a strong national symbol for Japan. The drive down to town is now spotted with these pink and white explosions of blossom, another herald of the Spring.

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