Thursday, March 10, 2011

Half a kiss.

I can finally say that spring is officially here as we just had ur first caper & Co excursion!

Yesterday Beppe and I accompanied Australian Ben and the lovely Birte to taste some fabulous Chianti wines and some Tuscan delicacies courtesy of the mad butcher of Panzano, Checchini.

Ben, Birte and Beppe near Panzano

We had brought back an Australian wine for our friends at Fontodi, a wine that had just pipped them in the Wine Spectator top 10 list of 2010. In return they shared some of their finest wines with us, including the Flaccinello which has won so many awards, and a 1992 Chianti Riserva that they had lying around. Delicious!

Our host at lunch, Dario, plied us with more wine saying, 'half a glass is like half a kiss, a good wine, like a woman needs to be kissed fully!' Dario was off to London today to host a special dinner for Jamie Oliver. I hope jamie knows what he's in for!

Too right. When are you coming to visit Tusany with us?

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