Saturday, March 7, 2015

Renovations and Salutations

We're almost ready to leave on our first trip of the year, in a year that should be full of adventures in our little Pampert.
(In the end Nina's name for the trailer has won out. Seriously, if you need a name for something, ask a three year old.)
We're off tomorrow for 2 weeks in Puglia, hoping that the sun is hitting the south of Italy a bit more than Florence, and that we're in for sea, sun and fabulous food down in the heel of the boot. 

I did want to share some photos of the inside of Pampert before we left, to give you an idea of how we'll be living in 5 square metres. 
This is the before:
I didn't take this terrible picture- it was one of the pics in the advertisement. It was really badly presented. But you can see the lovely chenille curtains and the carpet texture of the cushions. 

The cushions weren't in bad shape so I stripped them down and recovered them. I made some lace curtains to add a little lightness to the inside and made some matching throw cushions that double as pillows in the night. So here is the after, version day:

and night:

There are blackout blinds behind the curtains so we'll have darkness and privacy. The crochet rug I picked up in a flea market in Barcelona (luckily- no fleas) and I hope to find and report other treasures  we might happen upon on our travels. 
Heres the kitchen:

 So, yeah, it's small. We'll see how we go over the next two weeks. The idea is that Puglia will give us a soft start into caravanning. We'll see how it goes. Wish us luck!

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