Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission Abort

Nina continued to be sick and we decided we'd rather be at home than in a camper or cabin in Puglia with unknown doctors and without the kind of home stuff that make illness easier to bear, like high speed internet, favourite toys, and Nonni.

Naturally, after 8 hours driving to get home, Nina casually informs us while still on the outskirts of Florence: 'My pummy says its hungry.' I try to convince myself that this is a good thing, my daughter feeling better after days closed up with her can only be a good thing. So now she is skipping gleefully around the house, while Beppe huddles under the covers shivering with a fever. My life is so glamorous.

Our first trip in Pampert, then, consisted of two full days driving, three days of sightseeing, and two days stuck in bed. Not exactly what I had so carefully planned, but one must be flexible. I imagine those of you following my blog are a bit disappointed too (the page tells me there's 80 readers! So many! My Mum may be 73 of those people though.)

Never fear, I have a solution. We are still going to take the holiday, just virtually. Unencumbered by the constraints of time, weather and seasonal closures, I will make two more chapters on Puglia, following our intended itinerary, illustrated by photos found on the web, of a much better quality than I can take with my phone.

Hurrah! Sit tight, I'll be back tomorrow with Puglia part 2.

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