Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back with a Puck!

Hello Friends!

Four years later I'm back to blogging! It hasn't been for a lack of things to say, but because I've (we've)been so ultrabusy that theres just no time for it. I'm sure its the same for everybody. But I have been blogging, infrequently, on a work account, so there.

Rather than start an entire new page, I love to recycle so am tacking this new writing enterprise to my old blog- Caper& Co, which was mostly about my free and easy life in the Tuscan hills. I'm hoping this will get me started on a bit of momentum.

That effort petered out, due to several factors,being; my computer got stolen, I got pregnant, I got a job, had a (lovely) baby, bought a business, ran a business, went slightly mad with it all and now have sold the business to focus on travelling Europe in a restored camper with my lovely family of 3.

So without further ado, meet Puck, or Pampert as decreed by Nina.

Model Eriba Puck 1980
Tiniest camper on the market
Found in great condition in Torino

 A little bit of the top pops up to give some headroom while cooking, but for the most part its very low and short and thin, but very well organised inside and we fit perfectly.
Mechanically it needed the gas locker replaced, some new light globes, and when we took to get it registered discovered the tyres, and therefore wheels, were 1cm larger than regulation. After spending the last 3 years finding parts for vintage cars Beppe was able to sort that out and we had our first trip in December.

After a good clean I took out the soft furnishings and inside fittings, replacing one panel in the process. I decided to keep the faux wood walls and cork floor, and the jury is still out on whether we'll repaint the exterior or leave it original.

Sometimes writing is a can of worms; there's about eight times there that I wanted to add a promise to expand on things later. All in good time.

So, meet Pampert!

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  1. Oh it's so cute - must feel free to travel so light! Can't wait to hear more xxxx D