Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday flowers & baking

I was idly wondering what I could post for friday flowers as I walked home from visiting a neighbour, as there really isn't so many flowers out yet. Then I noticed these beauties sprouting up where they were planted last year by Dome and Alice. Crocuses, low growing, they won't last long but such pretty early spring flowers. Today's flowers are dedicated to Dome and Alice, whose flowers made my day.

True to my intentions, I've been baking too, with a recipe for cinnamon scrolls from my Mum's old NMAA cookbook. This book's great, and I've had it for ages. giving it a waterproof cover when it started to fall apart.

Yum! They could have done with a sugary glaze, but they didnt last long enough. Next time I want to put some strawberry jam in the scrolls with the sultanas.

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