Thursday, February 24, 2011

4th most beautiful garden in Italy

Not ours! Definitely not!

Beppe and I today went scouting for a location for a special new excursion, to be launched once the weather warms up a little more. Its an absolute delight to have access to such a special place, and get to call it work. So here's a few photos from our day in the Florentine hills.

The garden's still sleeping, there was ice on the surface of the ponds, all the statuary was wrapped up and no flowers were to be seen, but even the forms of the hedges were beautiful.

                                                       Fancy a cup of tea here?
                                    Look at this view, over olives.
                              The other direction looked right down on Florence.

                           Even the streetscapes around the Villa were incredibly beautiful:
I'm really looking forward to this new project, and will reveal more when it's all set in motion.

On the way home we managed to indulge a favourite pasttime, checking out abandoned houses.
 Isn't it a beauty?

So thats all for our day in pictures, except bread:

Oven cooked with poppyseeds. Delicious!

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