Monday, February 21, 2011

Careful what you wish for- Baking

In the name of a chili eating bet centred around a sauce aptly called 'beyond death' we had 15 people around on Saturday night for a pizza night.

I spent about an hour kneading dough for pizzas and also for the bread I wanted to bake while the oven was still hot.

The oven, a 500 year old original, is huge, and the guys were preparing the fire from 4pm. An interesting note about the oven is the cross carved over the entrance, to bless the bread that was baked there.

Heres the pizzas in the oven:

The coals after raking the fire out for the bread, doesn't it look like a gallaxy of stars, or civilization from a mountain top?

and the bread, wholemeal and grano duro (I don't know the translation), delicious!

So yes, I've been getting all the baking in I could possible want, and more.

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