Sunday, April 12, 2015


The trail for Pampert parts and repairs took us from Nimes to Lyon and then to Dijon, where our very good  and most lovely friends Chiara and Daniele live. Chiara and Beppe go back to high school, and they made it to our wedding in Australia 8 years ago. When we decided to head their way it was immediately comforting to know we were heading for a harbour, and we are so thankful that they were happy to see us despite being between family and work visitors.

Dani is a mathematician, and had been hosting a conference, so that first night we were eating with some of his collegues. 'Gosh,' I said, 'have you  always been good with numbers?' I received a somewhat condescending look. 'We don't actually work with numbers anymore,' said the mathematicians 'its mostly symbols and letters.'

As well as being awesome people themselves, they have a 5 year old son, who taught Nina swordplay, and a 10 month old daughter, who is the smiliest, happiest baby I know.

Since the accident we had all but decided to head home, sell Pampert, and get on with something more productive than gallavanting around Europe. To be amounst friends in the heart of Burgundy is just what we needed to put our mood right.

Honestly, I don't have much to share about the history of the town. Something something Phillipe le Bon. The town is a wonderful size, with a large pedestrian area in the centre, lots of imposing, large-roofed buildings, and a ton of cafe's with tables taking up most of the pavement. I really got a sense of how much better things are financially in France compared to Italy. I had always generally preferred the Italian confusion, but France, for the most part, is so clean.

Between phone calls and trips between mechanics and smash repairers, Chiara showed us around the market and city centre, and took us to one of the mustard shops. Mustard is huge here- I really should stop being surprised wien a place that gives its name to a product is actually amazing at said product.

A few lovely days, wine, cheese, company, and we're entirely recharged, and Pampert is due back Tuesday, when we'll hit the road for home, slowly threading our way through the heart of France. Thanks for the messages and concern friends, we're doing alright. 

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