Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A couple of days until Pampert is ready, and we've hit the Rue du Gran Cru through the most prestigious wine region in the world, Burgundy. Rather than thousand euro wines, I have my eye on another prize, the Vide Grenier signs out by the road, indicating local flea markets. 

It seems a delightful Sunday tradition through France, and every fourth town seems to be holding one. I was aiming for one down past Buaune but we struck gold just outside of Dijon. A very odd collection of bric a brac, the markets contain everything from clothes and books to furniture, sporting equipment and tools. Specific furniture and clothing 'vide' are held at other times, but we're after the portable treasures. 

Haggling is part of the experience, but for the most part the prices asked were much less than we would expect, and the haul below came in under 25€ total. 

We have: 
A 50s fishing box with seat
A cleaver
A jaffle iron
Nesting spice tins
A wall hanging jug
A salt shaker 
A cocktail shaker. 

We also picked up some playmobil toys for Nina, in the box at a fraction of their usual price, corset stays and a loom shuttle. Also, this: 

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