Monday, April 4, 2011

Three little geese went off one day...

Hi! I introduced you to the three terrors back here in February, with the surety that they were all headed to the pot. But it seemed no-one could stand the idea of doing the deed. The argument went like this; we'd wait until they laid eggs and then start regularly eating goose, keeping the initial three around as guard-geese.

All well and good, but we were wavering on what was the gender devision in the pack. One was surely a female as she was so petite- her name is Signorina. Then the largest one, Papone, was the obvious male. Papi Bitonale (named for its two toned voice) was considered a female, but then was seen to be getting up to some shenanigans with Signorina and was undecided.

The only way to know for sure is to do a close up examination. Which had been put off for general dislike for the job and danger of getting bitten. All this time the geese have been increasingly aggressive with no eggs in sight. So, Beppe and Dome bit the bullet and got up close with the geese.

Now, I'm not going to show you what a geese's man bits look like. You could probably google it. But its not a pretty sight. And the boys where more than slightly shocked when they found them on Papone, Bitonale, and then Signorina. So the girls are all boys and a new plan has been hatched.
The pig farmer down the road will swap us a female for a male, and tomorrow morning Bitonale will see his last sunrise. Signorina is going to be swapped; the boys have always preferred him (her), and can't stand to kill him.

This time tomorrow I'll be plucking. Have we done the right thing? What would you do? Leave me a message below.

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