Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My little rust bucket

A couple of months ago I got me a car, not just any car but a 1969 Fiat Cinquecento Giardiniera. And oh is she pretty! Tourquise blue with suicide doors and a roof that opens all the way back, I cant help grinning as I race around town in it. While considered a family or working car in its time, the giardiniera is so small by today's standards that you feel you could pick it up and carry it under your arm. She's not without her problems though, and since buying her I've come to learn a lot about purchasing and owning an old car. Here's some things I now know....
1)There is no such thing as good rust. (I did know that before, I just forgot when I saw her shine in the sun)
2)Take any old vehicle to a mechanic and smash repairer before purchase.
3)Look under the car and under mats and everywhere, even if everyones laughing at you for scrabbling in the dust.
4)If its pretty and you love it get it anyway, but love the rust as well.

Just because I love making lists, here is my pro list for buying the car:
1)The colour
2)The space- even though its tiny, theres enough boot for a beehive
3)The wooden steering wheel
4)The opening all the way back roof!
5)The way the seats fold down, making the back almost big enough for camping.
6)“il doppietto” the way you have to rev the engine before changing down gear
7)st anthony on the gearstick
8)it hardly uses any petrol- 10 euros to fill the tank!
9)The side hinged boot door

Just for balance, one big con:
It's going to cost another 2000 euro to fix the rusty floor. Ouch! Didn't see that coming.

Oh well, I love my little rust bucket.

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