Sunday, July 11, 2010

First days of summer

Summer is here and while the city swelters and sweats there are only a handful of worthwile sunday destinations. Choices are the beach, where most of Florence is already setting up summer residence, the mountains, the usual choice for nanas wanting to take the healthy spring waters and dance the ballo liscio (literally smooth dancing). Lacking in friends with swimming pools we today chose the only other alternative and headed to a secret river location to cool off. And while our secret river location was known to only a handful of people last year, this year has seen an explosion of secret river location knowledge and space was limited. Someone obviously has a problem with the word secret! Social networking has a lot to answer for. Hmph!

But we cooled off, swam a bit, and then headed home. While the boys went off to watch the world cup final I experienced one of the greater joys that the start of summer brings. The first figs from the tree. Mmm so sweet! There will be so many coming on as the summer progresses, so if anyone has any recipes for figs, cakes, preserves or anything else, shoot them through. Last year I discovered figs with ricotta and honey and as this year I have my own honey I'll be indulging regularly.

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